You’d better be sitting down for this, but the Galaxy Note 5 isn’t drop-proof either – no phone is. The glass-and-metal Galaxy Note 5 looks a lot better than any of its predecessors, and the smartphone is supposed to be even more durable than any of them. But if you drop Samsung’s newest flagship from various heights on a hard surface it won’t be able to survive without getting at least some glass damage.

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The phone’s front and back are both made of glass while a metal frame holds everything in place. YouTube channel PhoneBuff obtained access to the Galaxy Note 5, putting it through its regular smartphone drop test.

As you’ll see in the video below, the handset does a good job surviving various drops, but that’s not exactly the kind of news you were hoping for. The phone is still functional after many of those drops, and the metal looks like it can certainly take a hit. However, it’s the glass that cracks, either on the front or back, after impact in most of these tests.

Even so, in case you plan to buy either the Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6 edge+, you’d better get protective accessories or make sure you don’t drop the handset.

PhoneBuff’s full video follows below and it shows how the Note 5 compares to other flagship devices when it comes to drop tests.

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