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Forget the iPhone, Verizon pits the Storm against the Bold

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 6:08PM EST

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In a little bit of marketing madness, Verizon Wireless matches its flagship BlackBerry Storm up against the BlackBerry Bold. We have already seen them champion the Storm over the iPhone and AT&T retaliate with their own smear campaign. Now it is time to take the smack talk to another level with some BlackBerry on BlackBerry action. So why does Verizon think the Storm is way better than the Bold?

  • Verizon has a bigger and better network
  • The Storm’s screen trumps the Bold and it has the cutting edge SurePress input method. The Bold is old school with its trackball and physical QWERTY keyboard
  • The Storm has more : more microSD storage and more megapixels
  • The Storm has both VZ Navigator & BlackBerry maps (though we’re not sure we would consider VZ Nav to be an advantage)
  • The Storm has V Cast Music with Rhapsody, while the Bold has nothing. (Guess Verizon does not think too highly of the AT&T mobile music store. They wont even acknowledge its existence!)

Last but not least, Verizon answers the age old question, why doesn’t the Storm have Wi-Fi? Its answer: because you don’t need it on the nation’s biggest and best network! Those are fighting words there, Verizon. We will let our AT&T peeps respond in the comments. Fire away when ready!

Thanks, Luke!