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Flixwagon brings video streaming to your iPhone

Updated 4 years ago

You didn’t think the new iPhone announcement would slow down the developer community did you? Flixwagon has just announced a new piece of software that allows users to broadcast live video from any jailbroken iPhone. Here’s a quick rundown from Flixwagon on the feature set of their new application:

After Flixwagon is installed on the phone, users can broadcast videos from it to the Flixwagon website with one click. Videos can be watched live or stored for future viewing. Also, they can be embedded in blogs via our flixee widget or uploaded to the user’s YouTube account. Users can also easily determine which of their contacts to share each video with.

We’re guessing this would be a pretty painful process over an EDGE connection, but Wi-Fi should do just fine until the arrival of the new 3G-equipped handsets. For the time being, the software is only available for those that dare go down the Jailbreaking route, but Flixwagon assures us that they’re working on developing an above-the-board version to release with the App-store when it launches next month. 


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