The world of virtual reality is about to get a lot more social. Facebook product head Chris Cox announced on Tuesday at the Re/code Code Media conference that Facebook is building virtual reality versions of its apps, reports The Verge.

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“We’re working on apps for VR,” said Cox. He didn’t share any details about how the apps would function on virtual reality devices, but instead described a world where users would be able to share their environment with their friends in a new and exciting way. “You’ll do it. Beyoncé will do it,” he said in an attempt to drive home how commonplace VR will become.

Cox didn’t have any firm release details for the VR apps either, only offering the vague timeline of “a while” before we’ll be able to get our hands on them. “We’re a long way away from everyone having those headsets,” he said.

Considering the fact that Facebook purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion just last year, Cox and his team probably know better than anyone how soon VR will be available to the general public. Oculus doesn’t have a firm release date for the consumer version of its device either, but we imagine that the Facebook apps won’t be far behind.

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