Over the weekend, officials in Glassgow, Scottland rigged a 24-story building with explosives in an effort to safely demolish it. And seeing as how building demolitions don’t come around all that frequently, photographer Garry Cornes set out to video tape the entire event.

Picking out the perfect spot from across the street, Cornes set up his video camera to get an all-encompassing wide shot of the controlled explosion. Everything was seemingly in order as the first round of explosives went off, that is, until the entire video was ruined by an unsuspecting photobomber.

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In a video that’s equal parts hilarious and frustrating (okay, it’s more hilarious than anything else), Cornes’ shot was obscured by a passing bus that took up residence in front of the camera at the exact moment the building started to collapse.

As you can see in the video below, the bus driver takes a few seconds to take in the demolition himself, only to get out of the shot once the building had already been reduced to a pile of rubble and smoke.

According to The Telegraph, the demolished building was part of a broader demolition plan to bring down a number of building towers set to be replaced by a $34 million “housing development of 200 homes.”

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