It’s standard to put pictures of dogs, spouses or (your own) children as wallpaper on your phone. But that’s uninspired. You know what’s different? Taking carefully-curated landscape drone photography and setting that as the backdrop to life instead.

Gabriel Scanu is a photographer who works mostly in Sydney and Los Angeles. He specializes in taking aerial images with drones, turning uninspiring strips of road or forest into something quite beautiful.

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If you flick through his Instagram feed, it’s more than just top-down landscape imagery. There’s all sorts of photos, from night-time shots of the Matterhorn to surfers in South Africa. But there’s something about straight-down drone photos that really captures my imagination.

Scanu has at least one from every trip he’s taken. Quite often, they show a road cutting through a pristine forest; other times, it’s boats above a shallow sea, with all the fishes visible in the clear blue water below.

Turning any of these into a kick-ass phone background is pretty simple: all of Scanu’s images are on his Instagram, and iOS and Android will help you crop (just a little) to the correct aspect ratio for your device. Just remember to be honest about telling your friends where you found all the neat pictures when they ask.

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