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Watch this immediately: The most amazing airplane safety video of all time

Delta Internet Meme Video

With the advent of mobile devices, odds are pretty high that most people these days don’t pay attention to airline safety videos. Delta, however, is out to change that with a new Internet-meme themed video that splices together your standard flight safety instructions with an avalanche of Internet memes, both new and old. To top it all off, the video even features a few cameos worth keeping an eye out for.

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While there are innumerable Internet memes to choose from, Delta did a good job picking some of the more recognizable ones when putting this video together. If this becomes the default safety video on Delta flights, well, bravo Delta, a job well done.

And because Delta is looking out for you, the viewer, it put together a helpful legend with accompanying timestamps to help you figure out what’s what.

0:03 Keyboard Cat
0:18 Double Rainbow Guy
0:26 Annoying Orange
0:30 Roomba Cat
0:45 Rahat’s Prank
1:05 Evolution of Dance
1:25 Slow Mo Guy
1:43 Harlem Shake
1:51 Deltalina
1:52 Screaming Goat
2:02 Internet Browser
2:23 Peanut Butter Jelly Time
2:31 Dramatic Chipmunk
2:48 Charlie Bit My Finger
3:23 Clicking Finger
3:51 Overly Attached Girlfriend
4:02 Ice Bucket Challenge
4:09 Dancing Baby (Dancing Baby Animation provided courtesy of Autodesk, Inc. © 1999)
4:15 Hamsters Eating Burritos
4:25 Nyan Cat
4:32 Doge
4:48 Mentos & Coke

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