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Watch all of Jon Stewart’s greatest moments on The Daily Show right now

Daily Show Jon Stewart Best Moments

Jon Stewart has had a great run as the host of The Daily Show that will sadly end tonight. For your enjoyment, we’ve rounded up some of Stewart’s greatest moments during his time on Comedy Central’s fake news show and posted them below.

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There was a lot of truly awful financial reporting leading up to the 2008 financial crisis and a lot of it came from CNBC, which continued to cheer on the big banks even as it became clear they were all falling apart. In this 2009 segment, Stewart absolutely roasted CNBC’s Jim Cramer for insisting that massive investment bank Bear Stearns was in great shape just weeks before it completely collapsed.

Another favorite target for Stewart was CNN, the cable news network that won wide derision for its truly terrible coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Stewart absolutely burns them to a crisp here:

CNN isn’t the only cable news network Stewart rips on a regular basis, of course. He was particularly fond of taking Fox News to task as well. Here he is lampooning Fox’s coverage of the utterly fictitious “War on Christmas.”


And here he is doing a perfect imitation of Fox News’ Glenn Beck:

And here’s one of his greatest Fox-bashing segments, dubbed “Chaos on Bulls— Mountain.”

Stewart could also be serious as well, though. His monologue after the 9/11 terrorist attacks was particularly moving.

Most recently, Stewart gave another moving monologue about the Charleston Church shootings.

Have a good retirement, Jon Stewart. You will be missed.

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