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Not all insects are revolting – in fact, these pictures show some of them are downright cute

Cutest Animal Pictures Insects

As part of our mission to occasionally take a break from tech and inform you about the wonders of science and nature, we direct your attention to a new photo gallery posted over at Dose that shows some of the world’s most adorable looking insects… or at the very least, insects that just happen to look adorable when photographed at certain angles and under certain lighting conditions.

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In the Dose gallery, we get to see pictures of well known insects such as the bumblebee and the stinkbug alongside lesser knowns such as the pink lady katydid and the happy-face spider. Yes, there really is such a thing as the happy-face spider, and yes we know that spiders are arachnids not insects and that we would have completely lost all credibility if we failed to point this out.

Our favorite of the batch might just be the spicebush swallowtail caterpillar, which you can see pictured above. To check out the rest of these sort-of cute insect pictures, be sure to go to Dose’s page by clicking the source link below.


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