Google on Wednesday updated its popular Chromecast app for iPhone and iPad users, adding plenty of new features for users to play around with. It previously announced the feature named Backdrop at Google I/O but this new update adds a whole lot more.

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Chromecast is widely used for streaming your favorite shows on Netflix, blasting your favorite tunes with Pandora Streaming Radio, or watching music videos of your favorite artists on YouTube right from your computer onto your TV. When it’s at rest, its default display shows the time and a constantly changing array of scenic wallpapers. This doesn’t include whatever other add-ons a Chromecast user decided to add to their device.

With this new update, iPhone and iPad users can now display weather conditions and news headlines on televisions connected with the Chromecast dongle after downloading the updated app. Users can choose what content they want on the backdrop and they can pick the news sources they want, and the weather locations that matter most to them.

If you haven’t picked up the Chromecast, it’s available for the very reasonable price of $35 or less on Amazon and a number of other retailers. If you already own the Chromecast and an iPhone or iPad, you can head over to the App Store to download the Chromecast app for your gadgets for free.

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