What’s better than a Chipotle burrito? An even bigger Chipotle burrito. And what’s better than an even bigger Chipotle burrito? A bigger Chipotle burrito that doesn’t cost a dime more than a regular Chipotle burrito. But how is such a miraculous thing possible, you ask? For that we have to turn to Dylan Grosz of The Apartment List, who has written the definitive guide for getting Chipotle to inadvertently doubling the size of your burrito without charging you any extra money for it.

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The major trick seems to involve ordering a mix of two kinds of rice, two kinds of beans and two kinds of meat. So if you ask your burrito artiste to use both black beans and pinto beans and to give you both chicken and beef in your burrito, chances are the combined amounts that they serve you will be more than the amount of beans or meat they’d give you if you only ordered one type of ingredient.

Using all of the tricks at his disposal, Grosz got Chipotle to make him a burrito that was 31.6 ounces, or 86% bigger than the standard burrito size of 17 ounces.

To read his full method for ordering a massive burrito at no extra cost, be sure to check out his full post by clicking here.

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