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CDMA Touch Diamond outsizes its GSM competition

If you’re awaiting for the impending arrival of a CDMA version of the HTC Touch Diamond, you might want to stop and consider these spy shots. What you see above is, believe it or not, a side-by-side comparison of the GSM and CDMA HTC Touch Diamond handsets. Notice something amiss? Yeah, we see it too. The CDMA incarnation is, well, rather portly. We don’t have the official specs, but suffice to say that these real world shots paint the CDMA Touch in a bit of an unflattering light. For what it’s worth the poster seems to think that the CDMA Touch sits quite comfortably in hand. We’re not so sure, but will obviously have to reserve final judgment until we can handle one of our own. Until then, consider yourselves fairly warned.

[Via WMExperts]


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