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Developers beg for lawsuits, flood app stores with ‘Candy Saga’ games

Candy Crush Saga Trademark Protest

The mobile game developer community hasn’t taken too kindly to King trademarking the words “candy” and “saga,” and it’s decided to respond the best way it knows how: By trolling. Several indie developers over the past week have been participating in Candy Jam, a development event that runs through February 3rd and that aims to flood app stores with games that contain the words “candy” and “saga” in their titles. Among our favorites released so far are Candy Escape Goat Saga (Warning: do not click link unless you’re prepared to be bombarded by awful music), Candy Puppet Saga and The Saga of Crushing Candy. You can follow all of the zany candy crushing antics of the Candy Jam developers by checking out the #candyjam hashtag on Twitter.

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