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Someone Calculated How Long It Takes to Do Everything BuzzFeed Tells You to Do Before You Die

BuzzFeed Before You Die Time

BuzzFeed’s Before You Die series of articles offers all sorts of interesting – and not so attractive – activities that you might consider doing before you die, and chances are you’ve seen at least a few of them whether you intended to or not. However, someone has actually gone ahead and calculated how long it would take to do all the Before You Die things BuzzFeed has published so far.

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Catherine Pears from Vice looked at 182 such lists and tried to figure out how much time each activity would take to complete. Some things, like peeing in certain urinals, would require only a few minutes of your time. Others, like travelling the world, would need a lot more time than that – for example, you’d need 26 days in travel time alone to visit 108 countries, not counting the actual time you spend in each country.

Pears came up with arbitrary amounts of time for each task in BuzzFeed’s lists, adding sleep time for those activities that need more than a day to complete.

Assuming you’ve got enough money to do the things BuzzFeed recommends you do before you die, assuming you’re not going to get into any life-threatening accidents while doing them, and assuming that BuzzFeed stops adding tasks on the Before You Die list, you’d be able to do everything written so far in 1,448.7 days, according to Pears. That’s 207 weeks or almost four years.

The impressively detailed Vice article on how long it would take to complete BuzzFeed’s hallmark Before You Die articles is available at this link.

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