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Boingo to Roam on FON Hotspots

Boingo Mobile, the world’s largest provider of  wholesale wireless hotspots, has joined forces with FON to add over 130,000 hotspots to its already impressive network, which more then doubles its size. The FON hotspots come from home users and businesses, called Foneros, who setup a network on their existing network to provide $3/day internet access with half going to the provider. FON users also enjoy the ability to join another FON hotspot for free or at a reduced cost. Boingo Mobile users pay $7.95 per month for unlimited access to hot spots worldwide to make VoIP calls, use messaging services or surf the Internet from their handset. This joint venture sends trumps T-Mobile’s current 45,000 locations by a huge margin, and offers access at a reduced cost. FON recently signed a partnership with Time Warner Cable, giving cable modem users the ability to join the FON community, while some cable modem providers have a strict policy forbidding sharing WiFi.