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Blank Label app lets you design, customize, and personalize your button-down shirt

Gentlemen, let’s talk about steez. You know, “style with ease.”  If you’re the kind of dude who rocks a button-down collared shirt — and likes being one of a kind — you need to check out the Blank Label application for the iPad. Blank Label is, in our opinion, a fairly ingenious iPad app that lets you customize the: fabric type, collar, cuff, pocket, shoulders, placket, labeling, monogram and buttons of a button-down, collared shirt. With 40 fabrics, 6 collar types, 6 cuff types, 4 pocket types, 4 shoulder cuts, 4 placket types, two labeling options, three possible monogram locations, and 6 different button colors, you can pretty much guarantee that your designed garment is one of a kind; you’re definitely not going to be seeing your shirt in a Gap catalog. The application gives you a live preview of your shirt as you customize it and shirt pricing starts at right around $45; the price — obviously — goes up as you inflict your personal style. Company co-founder, Danny Wong, said that Blank Label is open to the idea of porting the application to Android tablets, however, at the moment, they are laser-focused on the iPad application. If you have an iPad, you can download Blank Label (free) from the App Store. If you don’t have an iPad you can see the application in action here or customize a shirt yourself from the company’s website Whether you need a custom shirt or not, you have to admit… it is a very cool use of tablet technology. Check it out and let us know what you think.