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BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 Hands On

So, check it. There’s been a lot of talk about the BlackBerry Storm 9550 and we thought it would be nice to shine some light on its brother, the 9520. Remember how Vodafone’s unit was the 9500 and Verizon had the 9530? It seems as if that’s going to be mainly the same scenario this time around with Verizon getting the 9550 and Vodafone and other GSM carriers rocking the BlackBerry 9520. In terms of the improvements when comparing the Storm 2 to the original, as reported by other media outlets, blogs, and even a new breed of ninjas, it’s nothing short of fantastic.

We’re not at the final OS build (haven’t even updated this to latest available OS) and that’s always something to take into consideration. With that said, however, the Storm 2 really makes SurePress a viable touchscreen mechanism that people will enjoy using. This obviously should have been done the first go around, and there’s big bad all-touch-screen smartphones to battle, but we like where RIM has gone with it and we’re eagerly awaiting an official announcement. More photos after the break!

Thanks, Mark!t

UPDATE: Had a chance to load a more recent OS on here ( and it’s improved the screen feel immensely. Any wonkiness and erroneous screen taps seem to have gone away. Plus, you know… there’s threaded SMS now.

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