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BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) 2.4 – Catching up with the Enterprise?

As pointed out by forum-goer rsnadel on BlackBerry Forums, it would appear that Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Internet Service, their consumer offering, will soon be upgraded to version 2.4, citing a Knowledge Base article with the details.

What are the enhancements over BIS 2.3 and earlier versions? Although the KB article states it now supports MP3 attachments, this was supposedly added in version 2.3. They have now added support for WAV file attachments, making way for non-BES corporate users to utilize Cisco and Avaya (and other) modular messaging systems that distribute voicemail through the ever-popular WAV format.

Other enhancements include support for wireless meeting request, read and delivery receipts, vCard attachments, and message status reconciliation for BIS, Yahoo and some third-party email accounts.

No dates are given on the deployments across the carrier platforms, but our guess would be sooner than later.