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BlackBerry Bold video mimics iPhone, except it’s fake

Yeah, we’ve heard it all before. “How many different ways can you present a phone on video?” “No, it’s not copying the iPhone commercials and video walkthroughs.” “You’re an Apple fanboy!” Blah, blah, blah. But we’re sure we’re not the only ones a bit surprised to see RIM offering a video sneak peak at the BlackBerry Bold. As nice as that is, there are a couple things that really get under our skin. First off, RIM has never done this before. They’re trying to get the consumer market and be hip, and we get that. It’s just that the Bold isn’t really a consumer device. It’s more targeted at corporate users with its high price. So why bother? They may be scared that small and medium sized business users are going to switch over to the new iPhone — which could be partly true. You know, seeing as how no one in the U.S. will be able to buy the friggin’ thing until mid-August. But our real big issue with the video is (stop comparing it to the iPhone, damn it!) that it’s fake! It’s all a render! Nothing on that video is real except for the person’s hands over a green screen. And that’s still questionable. The OS and device are all computer-generated; every single thing you see in that video is not real. Does that not bother anyone? Web browser? Fake. Email? Fake? Phone call? Fake. Home screen? Fake. Come on, RIM. You’re better than that. You’re resorting to fake phone demos now? Mmm.


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