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BlackBerry 8130 Pink and Red hands-on and a bit of RIM gossip!

Yeah, we know you’re all aware of the new red and pink BlackBerry Pearl 2 variants by now, but what does it actually feel like to hold one of these festively colored phones in your hand? Pretty much the same as the original Pearl 2 feels, though you won’t catch us complaining too much about that. The new red and pink handsets are par for the BlackBerry color scheme course, with nothing in the way of under-the-hood alteration. We will say that the red looks pretty good to us, while the pink is, well…sort of an acquired taste that we have yet to acquire. We’re sure there’s a market for it though, you just won’t catch us in line on launch day. On another note, RIM was holding a bit of an impromptu conversation when we showed up, with a rather candid Q and A between BlackBerry reps and enterprise customers. RIM didn’t reveal anything about any specific upcoming devices, and refused to comment on the 8xxx. They did say, however, that they have no intentions to beat the iPhone at it’s own media-centric game, and that some UMTS/HSDPA devices are in the pipelines. Yeah, we knew that. Thanks anyway, guys! Hit the jump for the pics!

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