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Are these the worst movies of the year?

Biggest Box-Office Flops 2015

What’s the best movie of the year so far? Looking at box-office performance, you’d say that the recently released Jurassic World is definitely a must-see movie, even if not everyone will necessarily love the action-packed dinosaur flick. Using the same logic, the worst box-office performers aren’t necessarily the worst movies you could see this year, but it’s probably safe to say that they’re generally pretty bad.

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Put together by Business Insider, the list includes 11 movies, some of which you’re almost certainly familiar with – here are six of them:

Tomorrowland (image above) grossed $202.9 million. The movie had an estimated $190 million budget and grossed $33 million in its opening weekend.

Sony’s Chappie ($49 million budget) did $13.3 million at the box office during the opening weekend, and it’s grossed $102 million worldwide.

With an estimated budget of $176 million, Jupiter Ascending opened with $18.3 million, grossing $181.8 million worldwide.

The sequel of Hot Tub Time Machine only had an estimated budget of $14 million, which it hasn’t recouped from ticket sales — $5.9 million opening weekend and $12.3 million worldwide.

Johnny Depp’s Mortdecai had a measly $4.2 million opening weekend on an estimated budget of $60 million. Overall, the movie sold $30.4 million worth of tickets worldwide.

Cyberterrorism thriller Blackhat ($70 million budget) – a topic you hear and read about on an almost daily basis – didn’t do that well either. The movie netted $3.9 million in the opening weekend, having to compete against American Sniper, and it grossed $17.7 million worldwide.

More details about each of these movies, as well as other five box office bombs, are available at the source link.

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