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Clever cases will give you the waterproof iPhone 6 that Apple never delivered

Best iPhone 6 Accessories Aquatik

One feature that many iPhone fans wish they had with the iPhone 6 was the same waterproof casing we see on devices such as the Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z2. Thankfully, there’s a new Indiegogo campaign for two new premium iPhone 6 cases developed by accessories manufacturer Lunatik that will alternately either make your smartphone waterproof or waterproof and borderline indestructible.

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The waterproof-only case, which is called the Aquatik, is the thinner and more stylish of the pair and comes in five different colors: Black, white, orange and pink. The case is primarily used to keep your iPhone safe if you drop it into water and it doesn’t offer the same level of overall protection that the Taktik does.

Speaking of the Taktik, it looks like the perfect case for people who are bringing their iPhones with them while they’re walking through minefields. In addition to delivering the same waterproof capabilities as the Aquatik, the case features a “patent pending compression closure system and single latch closure” along with an added Corning Gorilla Glass lens to provide added protection for your display. Lunatik says the case is primarily good for “people who serve in our military, police, firefighters, skydivers.”

Lunatik is looking to raise $100,000 over the next 30 days to meet its funding goal and the project has already raised more than $72,000 in just one day. Lunatik estimates the Aquatik will be ready to ship this coming January while the Taktik will be ready to ship this coming March.

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