We’re starting this week off with an important mission, diving deep into Apple’s iOS App Store and digging through dozens of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. Why do we subject ourselves to this? To ensure that we can pick out the cream of the crop, and show you a hand-picked selection of the best paid iOS apps that can be downloaded for a limited time without spending a time.

Today’s list is a great one, and the first app on the list is probably one of our favorite productivity apps ever. As always though, these sales could end at any time so be sure to hurry!

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $4.99.

** Supports Apple Watch **
Boximize is a structured note taking app that brings you the power of personal databases and the simplicity and usability of note taking apps.
** Featured by Apple as best new productivity app **
** Top 10 app in the US and 28 other countries **

Boximize helps you become more organized and productive by bringing your important information together in one place and filing them as structured notes.

■ So, what exactly is Boximize?

If you like the simplicity of note taking apps, then Boximize is a note taking app where the note isn’t just a blank page instead the note is a fully customizable form containing fields, making inputting your data faster, easier and less error-prone. Your data also becomes sortable, searchable and more organized. Thus bringing the power of personal databases to your notes.
If you like the power and flexibility of personal databases, then Boximize is a powerful personal database designed to bring you the simplicity, beauty and efficiency of note-taking apps.

Basically, Boximize brings you the best of both worlds, the simplicity of note taking apps and the customizability of personal databases.

■ And how do people use Boximize?

People use Boximize to save, organize and find everything that is of importance to them. Boximize comes with a predefined set of 27 templates that help users to instantly start organizing their data. Moreover, users can always customize the templates by adding or removing fields or even a new template from scratch.

“I use Boximize to collect and organize my recipes” – Jack, Chef

“Organizing my coin and stamp collections has never been easier” – Omar, Student

“I track my employee tasks through Boximize” – Catherine, Manager

“Capturing memories with Boximize is amazingly simple. I use it to track my kid’s drawings over time” – Sara, Graphics Designer

“I keep my travel logs on Boximize” – Li Yong, Mountaineer

“I love being able to customize Boximize to my life needs. I use it to track my diet and capture my interviews in audio” – Helen, Journalist

“Boximize helps me in keeping track of my students” – Carol, Teacher

■ Tell me, what are the top features?

• 27 ready to use collections (see below for complete list)
• Customize collections by adding/removing fields or build your own from scratch
• Enter 20 different types of information (Text, Number, Picture, GPS location, see below for complete list)
• Password protect your data with a pin code
• Lightning fast searching and sorting
• Different themes to choose from
• Organize photo and video collections
• Record voice notes
• Take handwritten notes or sketch drawings
• Track locations on the map
• Keep track of timings using a built-in stopwatch

■ Predefined Collections:
• Contacts
• Todo
• Recipes
• Diet Log
• Events
• Demo Fields
• Inventory
• Time Billing
• Home Inventory
• Expenses
• Exercise Log
• Car Maintenance
• Student List
• Member List
• Products for Sale
• Equipment
• Issue Tracking
• Items Sold
• Customers
• Donations
• Notes
• Movie Collection
• Task Assignments
• Audio Notes
• Member cards
• Business Cards

■ Data types
Modify a ready made collection or build your own from scratch with the following powerful:

• Text
• Number
• Choices (Multiple selections)
• Checkbox
• Photo and video collections
• Time
• Date
• Rating
• Location
• Phone Number
• Email
• Sketches and handwritten notes
• Slider
• Color
• Voice notes and audio recordings
• Stopwatch
• Lists of items
• Notes

Download Boximize

Analog Tokyo

Normally $0.99.

Analog Tokyo is the second app of Analog Film City Series
Newly developed specialized 10 photographic filters in Tokyo
You can make your photo of Tokyo feel

And, Analog Tokyo Filter Preset for Adobe Lightroom Coming Soon

Special thanks to
Photographer Kenta Ohsugi http://wataamee.com

– Exposure
– Brightness
– Contrast
– Saturation
– Vignette
– Film Grain Texture
– Rotate & Flip
– Sharpen
– Temperature
– Highlights
– Shadows
– Dusted & Scratched Textures

– Exif Data
– GPS Data

– Instagram
– Sina Weibo
– Twitter
– Facebook
– Tumblr
– Email

Tag your photos on Instagram with #AnalogFilm

Download Analog Tokyo

tipSkip 2

Normally $1.99.

Control your music playback by knocking on the front or back of your device!
No headphones with remote? Wearing gloves? No problem! Just put the device in your pocket or on the table and use your hand or finger/s to knock on your device.

Check out the tipSkip TV commercial:
http://www.busybytes.de or http://youtu.be/MtzEPaZgzWY


• knock on the device 2x to skip to the next track (like a double click with your mouse)
• To skip to the previous track knock 3x on the device
• To pause the track knock 4x
• Spotify integration (requires Spotify Premium and internet connection)
• Optional: Choose between 90 or 30 sec fast forward / backward
• Customize knock actions for 2x,3x and 4x knocks
• Adjust knock detection sensitivity
• Choose Playlist, Artists, Albums, Songs, Gernres, Compilations
• Shuffle mode

Play with the sensitivity slider to find the perfect value for your activity.

The tipSkip algorithm needs gps data (only the velocity and altitude) to detect knocks while running, cycling and other activities. We’ve developed a very smart detection algorithm which allows us to adjust the sensitivity in realtime depending on the activity of the user. We won’t collect or transmit any kind of location data.
(You can wireshark our app, if you doesn’t trust us).

Download tipSkip 2


Normally $1.99.

Colo is all about your contacts and their stored locations. It displays the contacts in your address book and organizes them by location. No new accounts, no new passwords, no invasion of privacy. You don’t have to upload your contacts to a server. Your contacts will remain your contacts.

When you add restaurants, hotels, parks, family, friends, coworkers, and classmates to your contacts, you can easily access relevant contacts by proximity or by browsing regions. Colo is great for people with lots of contacts on their devices, business people, travelers, and students.

Colo has three main views:

Near Me:
When you allow Colo to access your location, contacts with street addresses are sorted according to relative distance.

Colo arranges your contacts into countries, states, and cities, so you can choose a specific region and focus only on those relevant contacts.

Colo shows an alphabetic list of your contacts and provides searching.

Download Colo


Normally $0.99.

You’re trying to work.

You were making great progress, but suddenly you’re on My Story, tapping through artsy pictures of sushi and wondering if you accidentally opened Instagram.

HVRGLX takes away the distractions. Set how long you’d like to work and turn your phone over, like an actual hourglass. Don’t worry about battery – the screen goes black. When time is up, you’ll hear a distinct sound or vibration.

Download HVRGLX

Eazy Reminder

Normally $1.99.

Remind Yourself by Your Voice!!

The Fast and Easy way to create Reminders to notify yourself to do daily life activities

i.e. Meet Friend, Meet Customer, Buy Food, Bring documents to the office, etc.
To create a new reminder is very fast and easy. Just Recording your reminder voice, setting time to alert, setting reminder title (optional), that’s all.


– Easy steps for adding a Reminder.
– Auto-play Reminder voice.
– Ack/UnAck Reminders.
– Choosable Notification Tones.
– Easy to Manage Reminder Lists.

Download Eazy Reminder

Contacts Pro

Normally $2.99.

This app is a great way to bring order to the address book!

• Handy organization of contacts
• Quick search
• Favorite contacts, one tap to call or email
• Quick access to your own contact
• Instantly send group text & email
• Filtering contact with any conditions
• Create, edit, delete and batch delete contacts, groups and filters
• Export contacts to vcard by Mail, in a message or via the iTunes File Sharing
• One tap to backup and restore contacts via Mail, iTunes and Dropbox
• View the links and addresses on the map
• Widget with your favorite contacts in Notification Center

Download Contacts Pro

Instant Street View

Normally $2.99.

A closer look at all places of the world.

What’s your dream place to visit?

Take a stroll around your dream place. Tour the grounds of your dream place. Simply explore your dream place with Instant Street View to experience the journey.

Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders and step inside locations such as museums, arenas, restaurants and small businesses with 360-degree images on Street Maps with Instant Street View.

√ Tap any place on the map to get a street view

√ Search any location in the world to find street view gallery

√ Favorite street view collection makes you eye feast

* Universal compact app for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 5 / iPhone / iPod / iPad

Download Instant Street View

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