This has been an incredible week so far for paid iPhone and iPad apps that have gone on sale for free for a limited time. Yesterday’s list had some real gems on it and several of the best apps on the list can still be downloaded for free if you hurry. For Thursday, we have a fresh new list of nine iOS apps that are normally all paid apps, but each and every one is completely free if you hurry.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Weather glance

Normally $1.99.

*** Ranked No.1 weather app in 21 countries for iPhone, 18 countries for iPad ***

Want an intuitive AND detailed weather app?
If so, Weather glance is the answer for you.

Weather glance is an intuitive and detailed weather app.
It shows you tempetature by colour so you can find out all the weather conditions and trends at a quick glance.

Also, those weather panels are “Tappable”.
So, you can drill down detailed info at a specific time for the next 7 days.

Information included;

– Current weather conditions
– Temperature
– Wind speed and wind direction
– Chance of rain in graph form
– Humidity
– Next 24 hours weather forecast
– Next 14 days weather forecast
– Multiple cities globally
– Compatible with °C and °F
– Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod
– Time set switch (am/pm, 00:00)
– Sortable locations
– Location service switch (ON or OFF)

Download Weather glance

Cycloramic for iPhone 5/5S

Normally $1.99.

Cycloramic Revolutionizes the way you take panoramic photos and videos! Handsfree!
– Steve Wozniak: ”Unexpected, fanciful and useful all at the same time!”
– TechCrunch: “The Best iOS And Android Apps Of 2013”
– The New York Times: “Pogie Award for Brightest Ideas of 2012”
– Gizmodo: “Coolest thing we’ve seen an app do in a while.”

15 Million total downloads worldwide.

▶ GUIDED Mode (All iPhones and iPads): The easiest, fastest panorama taking app. Just follow the guided system to take the perfect panorama photo every time.

▶ HANDSFREE Mode (iPhone 5/5s ONLY): This revolutionary, fully automated mode lets your phone do all the work. Just put your phone on a smooth, level surface and it will automatically rotates 360 degrees using the phone’s internal vibration motor. As it rotates, the phone takes multiple photos, instantaneously stitches them together, and generates a panoramic photo viewable in our immersive viewer.

– The easiest panorama guidance system.
– The fastest panorama capture (less than 3 sec for 180 degree panorama with the iPhone 5S)
– up to 360-degree panoramas.
– Award winning photo editing and enhancement tools from Aviary: filters, frames, stickers, adjustments (crop, rotate, contrast, brightness, etc.) and more. The photo suite can also be used on your regular photos taken outside of Cycloramic.
– Immersive viewer.
– Video Conversion: Convert any photo into a video (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p resolutions).
– Panorama Photo to INSTAGRAM Video converter.
– Share to Facebook, Twitter, INSTAGRAM (photo and video), email, sms and camera roll.
– … And for the iPhone 5/5S, the revolutionary Handsfree Mode.

▶▶▶ CYCLORAMIC’s Patented Technology:
If you are interested in using Cycloramic’s Vibration-Induced Rotation Patented Technology SDK, contact us at

Also featured in Petapixel, ABC News, INC, Sharktank, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Crunchbase, NY Times, Gizmodo, CNET, Lifehacker, TUAW, TechCrunch, LA Times, The Telegraph, mac4ever, Le journal du geek, Presse Citron…

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Download Cycloramic for iPhone 5/5S

Tail Drift

Normally $1.99.

Jump into the pilot seat and take to the skies in this free to play 360 degree arcade racer.

Zoom through fantastic environments including floating islands, ancient temples and desert canyons.

Compete with friends to win the Crown for each event and dominate the Leaderboards!

== Recommended for iPhone 5 and up ==


• 2 tours featuring 18 unique events to compete in
• 7 beautifully hand-crafted tracks to compete on
• 3 different event types including Classic Race, Time Trial, and Time Extension
• 4 unique planes to purchase and upgrade
• Upgrade each plane’s speed, handling, acceleration and boost
• 3 unique power ups to give you the competitive edge including turbo boost, deadly mines and stun cannons
• Supports Game Centre with 18 leaderboards
• Play in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Turkish!

Download Tail Drift


Normally $0.99.

MacAlarm can prevent the theft of your Macbook. When you locked your Macbook screen and left for awhile, it watches the Magsafe status in the background. If someone wants to take away your Macbook, he will ripped off the Magsafe. At that moment, your iPhone will immediately receive a warning message and show the current scene photo.

MACAlarm for mac supports all macbook with a front camera and the minimum requirements for the operating system is Mac OS X 10.7 and above.

MacAlarm can help catch Macbook thieves. If someone takes your screenlocked Macbook and breaks the Magsafe while you are away, your iphone will in no delay receive a warning with photos recording the scene

MacAlarm for mac supports all macbooks with a front camera. The minimum OS requirement is MAC OS X 10.7.

Download MacAlarm


Normally $1.99.

With Pics2Mov, anyone can make a cool video easily and quickly. When your precious memories are too good to be kept as a still photo, when you want to share your everyday events as single themed memories, and when you want to keep your loving child’s memories as they grow, have a go at making an HD video with various music. You can share your precious moments using our easy and concise interface.

Quick media open
– Taking many pictures in a row from within the app and loading
– Loading many pictures from the album (You can set the order of the pictures to be loaded)
– Provides 656 theme music, download music from the library, load music sent from other applications
– You can bring pictures from Facebook.

40 Filters (Fast and easy editing)
– Video ratio can be set. 1:1, 16:9 or 9:16 (when sharing with Instagram 1:1 ratio setting is better)
– Photo start, end, position, and zoom settings
– 40 different filters can be used on each photo individually for cool effects.
– Photo copy ability is provided.
– Many photos can be included at a specified time.

– Over 46 transitions of the photos are provided. Transitions are constantly updated.
– A function to apply chosen transitions to all is provided

Over 656 theme music
– Over 656 theme music is provided. Try adding extra music based on your mood.
– Audio section editing is provided. Sections can be edited to match the length of the video file.
– Audio volume can be changed
– Audio start, end, fade in, and fade out functions are provided.
– Projects being edited are automatically saved and can be modified at any time.

Supports 285 fonts
– You can add texts and edit the font attributes
– We provide the function to rotate the text.
– You can change the text background.
– You can change the line spacing of the texts.
– You can change the letter spacing of the fonts.
– You can save the frequently used fonts.

1121 frame designs & 194 wallpapers (Apply frame design)
– Over 1121 various frame designs are provided
– Over 194 Wallpapers are provided
– The size of the frame designs can be adjusted
– The frame color and transparency can be changed

Design sharing service (Cover Design Pack)
-You can receive other people’s designs and use them.
-The designs created by users can be shared with other users.

22 themes (Change of settings on the project being edited)
– Fade in/out transition times can be changed
– Video length can be set. Minimum of 5 seconds, maximum of 2 minute 15 seconds (depending on the video file the frame transition times will be re-set.)
– Video background color can be changed.
– Photo start, end, position setting can be changed to fixed or random.
– Fade in to or fade out from the background color can be set.

– 22 themes provided (Basic, Stop Motion, Panorama, Random, Scrolling, Cycling, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Left Side, and Right Side, Gradient, Mask, Arrow, Diagonal1, Diagonal2, Rectangle, Circle ZoomIn, Circle ZoomOut, Etc) themes are constantly updated.

– You can insert texts and clip arts on individual images.
– You can produce images with the back-ground color set in the project.
– The size of the video can be selected. HD-720p or FullHD-1080

Various quick sharing methods
– Share videos on Facebook, album, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, iMessage, AirDrop, email, instagram,Theater

Download Pics2Mov

Movies with Friends Plus

Normally $1.99.

The best way to discover new content on Netflix. See what your friends are watching and explore the Netflix library with user-submitted tags.

Whether it’s ‘Orange is the New Black’, ‘House of Cards’, or ‘Arrested Development’, Movies with Friends for Netflix has you covered. You can easily connect with your friends via facebook or by email, it’s that simple!

Download Movies with Friends Plus

Travel guide with offline maps

Normally $0.99.

Travel guide with offline maps – Find & navigate to all the thing around you and to nearby places using smart GPS pro version is not only a nearby places finder… it’s pro travel guide with offline maps!
Travel guide with offline maps allows you to quickly find out information about your surroundings including directions, maps, phone numbers, how to navigate there and more…

How many times have you had a need to find a Gas Station in the middle of a trip or to locate the nearest ATM in a city which you are new to? Find Near Me helps you to do this and much more in just a few clicks.

Travel guide with offline maps quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Movie Theatre, Restaurant, Supermarket, Theatre and Taxi.
Whats Near Me shows you a complete list of all the businesses in the category you have tapped on along with the distance from where you are.

For every listing you can choose to see its location on a Map, view the route from where you are, Call directly, get diateld information and more…

Fast, easy and accurate! your ideal companion.

Travel guide with offline maps is a easy to use application which helps you find ATM’s, Bank, Restaurants, Wi-Fi spots or virtually anything near you. The application uses the in-build GPS in the iPhone to find your current location and plots pointers as overlays on a map to show points of interest in the vicinity of your current location. The application is highly customizable and the user can add and save his/her own search terms for future use. Find Near Me also tells you how far the searched location is from your current position.

– Automatically finds your current location and plots it on a map.
– Customize the application to include custom search terms.
– Find distance of searched locations from your current position.
– Use it on-the-go to search for places of interest.

Download Travel guide with offline maps

Sapphire Radio

Normally $0.99.

Sapphire is the first availible foreign radio, which broadcasts only foreign music of different genres and generations. For your convinience, all the station are sorted in categories and hence each category is devided into different genres.
We are proud to underline that you can find an talented music precisely in Sapphire.
We are proud to underline that you can find talented music precisely in Sapphire.

Pros of Sapphire:
-You will find something to your taste, by virtue of 100 stations, 10 general categories.
– You can see the photo and the name of current artist while it’s on air.
– You can find and listen to your favorite stations, simply by adding them to your favorites.
– You can always see what and where you were listening to in history section.
– You can share your musical preferences with your friends via social networks.

Download Sapphire Radio

Flying Yeezy

Normally $0.99.

-Play with friends to beat each other’s highscores!
-Soar to new heights and play as the celebrity, Kanye West!
-Dodge obstacles as you make your way to a new high score!
-Tap on your device to make Kanye jump!

Download Flying Yeezy

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