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10 more awesome paid iPhone and iPad apps you can get for free right now

January 2nd, 2015 at 10:05 AM
Best Free iPhone Apps Jan. 2

Is there any better way to kick off the new year with free iPhone and iPad apps? For your enjoyment, we’ve put together another list of 10 paid iOS apps that are now free to download for a limited time. Taken together, these apps would normally cost a total of $19 but they can be yours for free if you act right now.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $3.99

WEB To PDF is a comprehensive solution for storing, sharing, printing and manipulating important web content.

Save web pages from
– Built-in web browser
– Any other browser, e.g. Safari (using a special Bookmarklet or “webtopdf://” custom URL scheme)

Benefits of WEB To PDF conversion
– Save articles to simply read them later
– Access important information without an Internet connection
– Record any web content in case it becomes unavailable
– Eliminate the problem of broken bookmarks
– Save megabytes if you have a limited 3G/4G data plan
– Add your own notes to the saved content
– Share PDFs with family or partners
– Be sure the recipients see the information the same way it was displayed in your browser
– PDF documents have a consistent appearance on any system or device

Download WEB to PDF.

I Am Level

Normally $1.99

Flick, bounce, and roll your character through the bizarre yet stylish world of ‘I Am Level’ in this original mix of pinball and platform game.

Tilt your device to get the ball rolling, then tap or hold anywhere on the screen to fire off pinball bumpers, springs, and doors. Clear the screens to unlock more of the map, and level up your player to unlock new costumes.

Download I Am Level.


Normally $0.99

ZONR: A primal action puzzler for all gamers. TOUCH THE LARGEST ZONE. 90 seconds. 500000 points. Music by Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace). Game and Art by Matthew Hall (KLICKTOCK).

Download ZONR.

Deadline — Improve Your Life

Normally $0.99

*Deadline uses statistical information to show an estimated age, but of course no app can really accurately predict lifespan–there are just too many variables! Consider this a way to motivate yourself to be healthier (and always consult a physician as necessary).

A top 10 app overall, debuted at #2 in Health!

What if you knew how long you had left? Would it make you appreciate the time you have? Could it motivate you to be healthier, to extend your life?

Download Deadline — Improve Your Life.

Conojo Whiteboard

Normally $2.99

Conojo Whiteboard is an innovative interactive drawing tool that makes it easy to share ideas, images, maps, and other visual creations with friends, family and colleagues. Become a visual pro in no time using the built in Conojo templates or let your creativity go wild choosing from intuitive drawing and simple import tools.

Download Conojo Whiteboard.

Owen’s Odyssey

Normally $0.99

Owen’s Odyssey is the story of a boy, while on a journey, taking refuge from a storm in a dangerous place – Castle Pookapick. A castle where spikes, saws, fire, falling rocks, lava and creatures try and end him. It’s a bad place to take refuge. It’s okay though. He can float past dangers using his trusty propeller hat.

• 40 levels of platforming fun over three acts!
• Intuitive touch controls!
• Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards!
• Boss battles!
• Coins!
• Secrets!
• Hardness!

Download Owen’s Odyssey.

Alayer for iPad

Normally $0.99

Alayer is the perfect image editing app with a streamlined workflow and powerful tools.Give new life to your photos with unlimited Layers.

Add textures,lens flares,effects,lights leaks,gradients and color adjustments as unique Layers.All the layers are fully customizable.You can add your own textures.

You can change the sharpness , hue, saturation and more to any textures to create infinite variety of images.

Use any of the adjustment tools to enhance your images to perfection.

Create beautiful and unique images to share with your friends.

Download Alayer for iPad.

GREG — A Mathematical Puzzle Game

Normally $0.99

Do you think additions are easy?

Challenge yourself and play GREG, a simple mathematical game that will enhance your mental flexibility!

The main purpose of the game is to combine the numbers in the grid to match the given one. The more you go ahead, the more difficult the game will become.

Download GREG.

phonetrait — Your Personal Phone Dialer

Normally $2.99

phonetrait provides a quick, easy, and fun way to contact people from your address book. By sorting the contacts on the starting screen by how often and how recently you contacted them, guarantees the quickest access to the people most important and relevant for you.

There is no longer the need to manage your ‘favorites’, phonetrait will do this for you now!
The top three contacts will be your three most called contacts. The other contacts will be your most recent called contacts. However, you can of course add ‘favorites’ yourself, which will always be visible. If you want phonetrait even shows you some random contacts from your address book.

If you tap on one of your contacts’ picture, phonetrait will show you an overview for this contact, where you are able to initiate a phone call. You can also send a text message (iMessage if supported) or an email. Sending Tweets or Direct Messages on Twitter is also supported.

By showing you the contact pictures it is easier to recognize a contact at a glance. Phonetrait tries to get a picture for every contact by using the Facebook and Twitter account data from the address book. If no picture is available phonetrait shows one of various beautiful default pictures in one of four different colors, making it even possible to quickly distinguish between contacts without picture.

You can even view your contacts notes, addresses, websites and photos within phonetrait.

Download phonetrait.

Game For Two

Normally $1.99


1. CARO: similar to Gomoku, a classic game, easy to play yet hard to master. Challenge your friend in this game to find out the winner.

2. CO GANH: a special Vietnamese traditional chess, will give you a lot of surprises while playing with friends.

3. TILING: Make lines, get tiles. Looks familiar? Not really. Give it a try and you’ll love it.

4. COLORING: Fill polygons, get points! Innovative gameplay from our designer!

5. OTHELLO (or REVERSI): Friends or Foes?

6. CHECKERS: Yet another great classic game. Who will be king?

7. CONQUER: similar to Dots and Boxes.

8. CHESS: Yes, the world’s popular chess game.

Download Game For Two.

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