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10 awesome paid iPhone apps that are now free for a limited time (save $55!)

Updated 4 years ago
Published Feb 25th, 2015 10:20AM EST
Best Free iPhone Apps

Tuesday’s list of paid iPhone and iPad apps that were on sale for free was a solid one, and some are still available as free downloads if you hurry over to that post. But today we have our biggest list of the week, and it features Wu-Tang… what more could you ask for?

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


What’s Your Wu

Normally $0.99.

The official Wu-Tang name generator. Simply type in your name and select one of the always expanding languages to get your very own Wu-Tang name.

Download What’s Your Wu


Normally $4.99.

Your iOS device had been designed and manufactured for daytime use actually. For this reason when you start using your iDevice at night or in a dark environment, you feel you get blinded by your iDevice’s screen. Thing drives to this reflex is blue light which is also very harmful for your eyes, and can causes sleep disorders.

Unblue is the very first app minimises effects of blue light on the App Store which helps you to protect your eyes while browsing the Web and prevents sleep disorders.

P.S. We will continue to develop Unblue with new features. We look forward for your feedbacks.

Download Unblue

Expenses OK

Normally $0.99.

Expenses OK – the fastest way to track your expenses.

It isn’t necessary to open the app to input new payment on iOS 8! You could enter data in the widget of the app.

The features of the app:

– expenses
– the handy widget
– subcategories
– pie diagram
– sync with iCloud
– password
– Touch ID
– Export to CSV
– Backups

Download Expenses OK

Photo2Fun HD

Normally $2.99.

Create photo montages, magazine covers, effects, collages, greeting cards, place text labels or smart filters on your photos. Combine effects: You can superimpose any number of effects on one another! – New: Create unique Facebook Cover collages for your chronicle! Share your photomontages with friends via Facebook, email, or as a real postcard! – You can also open your finished image directly in What Sapp® and send it from there, using the enhanced Share Button.

How Photo2Fun works:

1. Choose a category (Fun montages, magazine covers, greeting cards, collages, text labels or filters)

2. Choose an appropriate subject (tip: zoom view for a better detail, also with your fingers)

3. You can now select a photo from your albums or scan in a photo (Hint: The live camera has a timer, just tap the timer. Icon Timer is great for your perfect “Self”)

4. Optional: Some effects have text fields (such as magazine covers); you can fill these in now.

5. Save or share your results by tapping the “Share” icon on the top right (Hint: you can send a real printed postcard, by tapping on the gray “Postcards” icon)

Some Useful Hints & Tricks:

1. Superimpose multiple effects one over another:
Just type the home button (house icon) after the montage you created, search out a new effect and then select “last montage” – In this way, you can lay many filters over each other. Hint: always store the montages (that you can find in the Share menu) at the end.

2. No need to turn your iPhone/iPad. You can also use the App in landscape orientation!

Create a third text label:
Choose a matching label, write a text (line breaks and Mojos work), and tap on “finish”. Now you can perfect your label:
– Change font
– Change text color ( wipe on the color chart )
– Rotate picture
– Change background transparency
– Zoom In/Out

You can add more labels, simply tap the “+”

If you have any other requests, criticism or suggestions for improvement, then visit us on Facebook: offers you many apps to enhance your photos. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can now easily create and share photo books, calendars, or postcards and send them everywhere across the globe. And when you need to take a more classic action, you can easily use our Flowers App to quickly and easily order flowers.

More Apps by myvukee
Photo Book:
• The stylish Photo Booklet starting at 7.99 euros
• High quality soft cover for 14,99 euros, hardcover option for only 4.99 euros
• Produced by utilizing the latest digital printing technology
• Select the contact data directly from your address book
• Pay shipping prices once only for up to 10 copies of your order

• Large A-3 Wall Calendar (42 x 29 cm) with up to 4 photos per month. The perfect gift, quickly created and shipped worldwide.
• Individual starting month for a unique and perfect birthday gift (e.g. April 2014 – April 2014)
• Create your own personalized cover sheet with text
• only 14,99 euros plus shipping

• True postcard to send from iPhone or iPad, don’t worry, we have stamps!
• Greeting cards set, as an invitation or a classic postcard (12 pieces)
• send your greetings directly from the couch or holiday greetings directly from the beach.
• Include your personal signature
• Only 1,79 euros including shipping

Flowers :
• Choose from three bouquets, and create a text that is perfect for you!
• Delivery on the same day is also possible.
• Never forget a birthday or anniversary! Simply enter the right dates on which you want us to send flowers.
• We always guarantee the freshest flowers

Find more info on

Download Photo2Fun HD

Magnet List Pro

Normally $1.99.

Going to the supermarket, we look in the fridge and write down what we need to buy, to shopping list. Most recently, shopping lists, notepads and papers moved into our smartphones. We’re, when we create our app, looking at “shopping list” differently.
In “Magnet List” app, to create a product, write in the search box: what, how much and at what price we need (only name is possible). After that, square magnet will appear with the initial letter of the product. Pull it to the right – and he’s in the shoping cart. Once again, the right – he is at home. On next time you will make purchase, you can look in the House section, and re-add it to the shopping list. So there is a circulation of products! Long press on magnet, in any section, will remove it. And if it need, it will be in the same form, when you start typing the name in the search. And of course, if you click on the magnet itself, you can make own product photos or choose from the gallery. Navigate between lists with left/right swipe. You should try it, to make sure that “shopping list” can be simple, but not boring. Also, you can choose color theme what you like. Enjoy your shopping!

Download Magnet List Pro

Sleep Time

Normally $0.99.

Find out why the world is sleeping better with White Noise. Features ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax during the day and sleep great at night.

Create a good sleep environment, improve your quality of sleep.

Gradually improve of your sleep through this app, You will get the best sleep.

There is always a sound lets you sleep at ease.

Designed specifically for achieving a total relaxed state and improving sleep. The elegant multi sound player design is easy to play, mix, and create a truly lifelike sound for your sleep environment.


● Helps you sleep by blocking distractions
● Relaxes and reduces stress
● Line control your device,make you easier operation
● Anywhere that you can listen to,does not require an internet connection.
● Sleep Timer humanized design
● App runs in the background
● Mixes free combination,Use your imagination
● Favorite sounds list
● High quality nature images, to set the mood
● Supports all Apple devices


● 81 Naturally Recorded Stereo Sounds

● Perfectly looped sounds, Let your immersive

Seaside,Sheep,White Noise,Lark,Blue Noise,Frog,Storm,River,Waves,Cuckoo,Cicada,Traffic,Fan,Heavy rain,Downpour,Subway, Groundwater,Canoe,Multiple speakers,Forest morning,Campanula,Campanula swing,Pigeon,Drum,Seabed Bubble,Cabin,Harbor,Seabird colonies,Seagull,Dolphin,Red bird,Wood thrush,Oriolus chinensis,Train travel,Stove,Haircut,Keyboard,Electrostatic ball,Wolf,Radar,Thunder,Running water,Thunder,Horses run,Owl,Grasshopper,Stopwatch,Waterfalls flow,Cars,Wooden fish,Gently haircut,Cricket frog,Springs bubbling,Lit bonfires,Forest Night,Mountain night,Mountain Falls,Sea whale,Stopwatch,Hand beat,Droplets fall,Tap dance,Rolling the dice,Vacuum cleaner,Cricket,Magpie,L.eiothrix,Steamer,Brook,Heart beat,Duck,Village at night,Dog,Fish,Rain&frog,Rain street,Ship whistle,Steamer,Helicopter,Cats sleep,Bells

Download Sleep Time


Normally $0.99.

TwistiX is a challenging arcade game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Gather sticks while maneuvering through dozens of hand-crafted futuristic levels with fire, mines, chasing saws, rocket launchers and railguns trying to eradicate you! With Game Center leaderboards you will try to master all levels in direct competition with your friends. Use energetic shockwaves to get rid of enemies and rush through to beat the highscores all around the world.

With 60 levels and many more in the pipeline TwistiX offers you HOURS of fun and thrilling entertainment. A bunch of new features and game elements will be added through frequent updates. Original dubstep music created especially for the app together with futuristic graphics will let you enjoy every single level you play. TwistiX’s highly addictive and demanding gameplay will test your skills to the fullest.

Download TwistiX


Normally $9.99.

Twitterminal is a beautiful Twitter client inspired in birds. Create flocks of birds with just a flick. Each bird it’s a twitter account, a tweet and a command. It’s simple, dynamic and gorgeous. Twitterminal was designed for a great user experience in iOS7. This is the real twitter.


◆ Swarm Intelligence among tweets.
◆ Dynamic user interface.
◆ Designed entirely for iOS7.
◆ Multiple account support.
◆ Smart bird selection.
◆ Create birds from the terminal.
◆ Lead a flock of birds while reading tweets.
◆ Use the app as a nightstand to admire the beauty of your tweets.
◆ Great performance on all iOS7 devices.
◆ Send tweets from the terminal.
◆ Great terminal commands and more to add (use >tt man for more info).
◆ Bird fight within tweets

Download Twitterminal

Remote for Roku

Normally $0.99.

“Remote for Roku” is an iPhone/iPod Touch app that can remotely control Roku video players. The app has a simple and elegant interface, it automatically discovers the Roku players connected to your WiFi network and can control them just like the physical remote that came with the box. It also adds functionality like keyboard support (e.g. for video searches by name) and a channel launchpad.

There is no configuration needed, as long as your iOS device is WiFi-connected to the same network your Roku player is on. Notable exception are some (e.g. Qwest/Actiontec) routers, which do not support the auto-discovery protocol – for those the player will have to be added manually by tapping on “Other” in Settings.

COMPATIBILITY: Remote4Roku works with all “Roku” digital video players. This includes
Roku1, Roku2, Roku3, Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI or “Roku-ready” MHL variety), RokuTV, as well as the previous generations (LT, HD, XD, XS, XDS, DVP, SD, HD-XR, NTV250).

YouTube and Hulu+ do not respond to the iOS keyboard commands – this is an unfortunate limitation of the channels; to type, use the on-screen keyboard instead. Most games work well with “Remote for Roku” app but there are a few (like “Angry Birds”) which cannot be controlled remotely with any app, since they are locked to require an “enhanced game remote” hardware. TV sound volume cannot be controlled with the app.

Download Remote for Roku

Flying Benjamins HD

Normally $29.99.

*** EXTRA FREE BONUS: Receive FREE access to the brand new HD Blackhawk Helicopter by completing the first mission, or via a FREE in-app purchase!

Experience Modern Aerial Combat in Flying Benjamins HD like never before! Powered by a brand new HD 3D Physics Engine with brand new HD graphics and effects, along with 5 new HD Aircraft and full Retina support on iPhone 5 and iPad with Retina display in addition to brand new support for iPad Mini.

Defend the skies of the newly built offshore banking communities, stopping the most daring money heists imaginable, as you pilot one of 5 upgradeable HD modern aircraft (including highly detailed Jets and for the first time in HD: Attack Helicopters). Next generation of cinematic arcade-style game play awaits you during your 5+ hour journey through 20 action-packed missions, amidst the destructible HD high-rise city environments. Featuring:

• New HD 3D Physics-powered Engine with completely redefined Modern Aerial Combat arcade experience in full HD. With brand-new HD sights, sounds and non-stop action that will take your breath away!
• Enjoy Simple and Intuitive Controls: tilt your iOS device left/right to steer your aircraft around city obstacles while skillfully avoiding enemy missiles.
• Alternatively, for a casual ON-RAILS experience: forgo tilting and simply tap your enemies to engage the “Autopilot” while controlling your Afterburner and Weapons with a smooth 2-button interface.
• RPG Style Progression System allows you to FREELY acquire, pilot and level-up 5 unique Jets and Helicopters while unlocking 30 different types of Afterburner and Weapon upgrades.
• Face more than 30 types of enemies, including: modern jets, attack helicopters and GIGANTIC money-packed transport aircraft!
• Game Center support: with 7 Leaderboards and 22 brand-new elusive Achievements that demand an additional 15+ hours of game play.
• Team up with friendly AI wingmen in the later stages of the game, and watch as your enemies fall before your elite squadron, known as the “Flying Benjamins”.
• Highly Stylized and Action-Oriented Storytelling is told through the radio of your aircraft.
• Adaptive AI and Randomized Enemies with Dynamic Difficulty: provide for a near endless replay value, as your opponents constantly change and adapt to your style of game play each time you engage a new or existing mission.

>> Game Play Basics:

Steer your jet-fighter manually by tilting your device left and right, or tap your enemies to engage the ON-RAILS “Autopilot”. NOTE that you must be facing your enemies directly before pressing the right “Weapons/Fire” button. Holding the left “Afterburner” button will allow you to avoid enemy missiles as well as steer around destructible city hazards. Remember that the game’s Dynamic On-Screen Tutorial System will always guide you on the right course of action, while prolonged use of the Weapons/Afterburner will cause a temporary overload. Also, note that your aircraft is equipped with automatic repair systems which will activate shortly after you stop taking damage.

Completing missions, earning XP and leveling-up your jet/helicopter to Level 5 will unlock new playable aircraft for FREE. You may also skip the RPG grind and instantly level-up via the use of optional In-App Purchases.

*** NOTICE: Flying Benjamins can only run in LOW QUALITY GRAPHICS mode on older iOS devices, which include: iPod Touch 3, iPod Touch 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad 1.

Download Flying Benjamins HD

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