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7 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free right now ($18 value!)

Zach Epstein
August 14th, 2014 at 10:54 AM
Best Free iPhone Apps

Yesterday’s batch of free iPhone and iPad apps had some great options in it, and several of them are still free if you hurry up and click here. Today is a new day, however, and with it comes an entirely new batch of paid iOS apps that are on sale for free for a limited time. As is always the case, there is no telling when each of the seven apps listed below will return to their normal prices, so be sure to act fast if you see anything you like.

These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they are free at the time this post is published. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “free,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Check out Wikipedia articles in a gorgeous interface that matches Apple’s iOS 7 UI perfectly.

Read Wikipedia in any of over 250 languages faster than you ever thought possible, powered by Spritz!

Using Spritz, Quickipedia will rapidly flash one word at a time at any of over 40 different speeds. This eliminates the need for your eyes to scan the text in order to read efficiently. Spritz provides a reticle at the ideal position in a word to allow your mind to comprehend each word despite seeing it for only a fraction of a second. Read up to 1000 words per minute while maintaining or improving your current comprehension. The average person reads normally at about 250 words per minute, but with Rapid, you will very soon double or triple that speed.

• Swipe to star articles
• Read in true fullscreen
• Swipe down to dismiss
• Spritz mode or read mode both in fullscreen
• Swipe to rewind/advance
• Jump to any section using table of contents
• Open html version of article for reference
• Select from over 40 speeds
• View time remaining or words remaining
• Retrieve and star random Wikipedia articles
• Seek to any word in the text
• Share any article

This beautifully designed app will give you the smoothest Wikipedia reading experience available anywhere!

Quickipedia is normally $0.99 but it’s free right now.

Download Quickipedia

Daily Goals

Sometimes the gap between having goals and achieving your goals can feel massive. But don’t worry… there’s an app for that.

Daily Goals – Track. Analyze. Succeed.
An ultra simple and colourful app that helps you keep track of your habits.

– Create and track unlimited habits.
– Configure the name, colour, start & end dates, reminder time and schedule for each habit.
– Schedule habits to repeat on specific days of the week or weekly (eg 3 times per week).

– Get simple, colourful feedback on your progress by plotting habits of your choice on the history calendar.
– Up to 8 habits can be plotted simultaneously letting you see the big picture.

– Get insight into your habits with powerful per-habit or overall analysis:
– Per habit analysis types:
+ Current/longest streak per habit
+ % completion last 7/30/365 days per habit
+ completion count per habit last 7/30/365 days
– Overall analysis types:
+ % completion by day/week/month.

– Choose the start day of the week
– Choose when your day ends (handy for night owls)
– Choose between light and dark themes
– Show number of remaining habits on icon badge
– Set a passcode to keep your habits private
– Set a daily reminder to record your progress

– multiple device sync
– monthly habits

Daily Goals is free for a limited time, down from its typical price of $2.99.

Download Daily Goals

PDF PROvider

If it involves PDF files, this app can do it.

Meet the best-of-breed PDF processor for power users. Scan papers, surf the web and view office documents. Save essential content to Portable Document Format. Easily merge and arrange PDF files. Annotate, sign and share documents on the fly. All with crisp-new iOS 7 look and feel.

In its core, PDF PROvider is the robust convert to Adobe renowned format. Use it to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers and Keynote files, as well as Web Pages, Maps, Contacts, Photos and other popular content.

With the built-in scanner, internal web browser, Open In command and support for Dropbox storage, PDF PROvider ensures quick access to all your essential documents and major content.

Moreover, you will appreciate advances annotation tools that enable to make comments share thoughts and sign PDF documents.

To organize and store your files, you can take advantage of an innovative file manager that features List and Collection Views. The latter offers an intuitive touch-friendly way to manage documents and perform most frequent operations. Also, you can send PDFs by e-mail, open in other apps and print to the wireless printer.

*Save Web Pages for Offline Reading*

Use PDF PROvider to save blog posts, product listings, bookings, reservations and other web content to PDF and keep for reference at any time. The internal web browser lets do online surfing, convert web pages from different web sources to PDF one by one, into multi-page PDF document.

*Create Content-Rich Digests and Reports*

Merge documents, text, Web Pages, Contacts, Photos and Maps into rich, informative PDF documents, reports and digests. Arrange content by laying out the correct order of the pages.

*Scan and Save to PDF*

Scan paper records and documents into sharp readable images using the built-in scanner. Save digital copies into high-quality PDF files and keep for sharing or back up purposes.

*Make notes and share your thoughts within PDFs*

PDF PROvider offers rich annotating tools. You can add notes, highlight text, insert stamps, shapes, handwriting and other. All annotation tools come with advanced styles and settings.

*Sign Documents*

Use PDF PROvider to sign contracts, agreements and other legal documents and papers. PDF PROvider allows you to select the color of the signature.

Save to PDF and share:
• Pages, Numbers and Keynote documents
• Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
• Photos
• Pictures and Texts from Clipboard
• Contacts
• Web pages
• Maps

With PDF PROvider you can:
• Merge several documents of different formats into single PDF in required order
• Scan paper documents into sharp readable images save them to high quality PDFs
•View web pages
•Annotate and sign PDFs
•Transfer documents from desktop computers
• Copy & Paste notes from the Notes application
• Open documents from Mail and Safari, Box and other cloud storage applications
•Synchronize documents or pictures with your Dropbox account for converting and merging.

PDF PROvider is currently on sale for free, providing big savings compared to the normal $7.99 price tag.

Download PDF PROvider

TouchRetouch HD

Remove blemishes or even people from photos with ease using this nifty iPad app.

TouchRetouch HD is a revolutionary application that lets you remove unwanted content or objects from your photos, using just your finger and iPad. Mark the items you want taken out of the snapshot and hit ‘Go’. That’s all there is to it. Retouching photographs has never been so quick, easy and convenient. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

You recently got married on a beautiful Caribbean beach. Everything was so perfect. Luckily, you have a lot of memorable snapshots of the crystalline water and white sand backdrop of the ceremony, you and your new spouse silhouetted in the sunset, your guests under a palm tree, that nude sunbather that somehow got included in a shot taken during the exchanging of vows. Yikes!

Before showing your mom those photos, take a minute to remove that accidental guest from an otherwise great picture. Open your TouchRetouch HD app. Using your finger, select the Brush or Lasso tool to mark what you don’t want in the shot, then hit the ‘Go’ button. Okay, you’re done and it’s now safe to share your picture-perfect memories with everybody.

TouchRetouch HD isn’t just for exotic or wedding photo touch-ups, of course. Use this easy yet ingenious application on any photo, newly snapped on your iDevice or taken from your gallery. Remove those wires that are in the way of an otherwise wonderful view, take banners off of buildings, get rid of people, eliminate spots and other imperfections. All without distorting the final image.

You can even have a little fun with TouchRetouch HD. Take away the bicycle from under your brother and it looks like he’s cycling in mid-air. You can make it look like people are flying, jumping or posed oddly, by removing whatever was supporting them.

Do everything mentioned here and more, in mere seconds without any special equipment.

Check out some of the things that you can do with TouchRetouch HD:
* Remove spots from sky or other backgrounds
* Remove wires from your picture
* Remove banners from the buildings
* Remove human-made objects from nature views (bridges, buildings, tents, ships etc.)
* Remove your shadow from self-made picture
* Remove people from the photo
* Remove ghosts and flare
* Remove surface breaks
* Smoothen and retouch the face
* Create funny pictures: for example, remove parachute and leave the guy flying in the sky

This app is just so versatile! It comes loaded with great features and functions that you’re going to love using and appreciate having, especially in an easy-to-use, portable medium that goes everywhere you do.

* In-app video tutorials
* Unlimited UndoRedo actions
* Smart image background recovery techniques
* No distortions in final image
* Easy to use interface
* Sending retouched images via e-mail
* Original image resolution

Download TouchRetouch HD now and start creating amazing or funny photos. It’s easy, fun and always ready to edit your images in a tap or two – no matter when, no matter where.

Enjoy your new snapshots!

Normally $0.99, this app is free for just one day. There’s also an iPhone version but it costs $0.99.

Download TouchRetouch HD


Packing for a trip will never be painless, but this app will at least take some of the hassle out of the experience.

iPacking is an excellent and funny packed app. The app can help you pack your luggage and handle any type of trip you take. Whether you are going to business trip, taking a vacation, going camping or just a road trip. Even more wonderful was that the app lets you more like packed.


– A great “Pack Now” option to help users efficiently complete their packing list, while they use simple and intuitive gestures to navigate through each item.
– A database of over 340 possible travel items, plus the option to add an unlimited number of items.
– A database of various travel templates – such as camping, business trip, and so on – that can be customized to fit each user’s current and future requirements.
-The ability to create an unlimited number of lists and categories to easily manage the packing duties for any kind of trip — whether it’s across the city, or on the other side of the world.
– A handy filter to see items that are packed or unpacked.
– Social integration to share packing lists with family, friends and colleagues via Facebook, Twitter or email, so they can confirm that the packing list is complete.
– An “Unpack All” option for travelers who are essentially repeating the same trip, and want to ensure that they take the same items.
– Show only items that are packed, unpacked, or show them all.
– Edit item number.
– Add the item to a new or existing category.
– Copy List : when you need to create a similar one.
– Easier edit items for rearrange, rename, change the category and move them.
– Print your list directly to a printer.
– Save list as template.

iPacking isn’t only for trips. Create lists for shopping, Todo and other miscellaneous tasks.

This app is a bargain at $1.99, but free is even better.

Download iPacking

Scanner with OCR

This app couldn’t be simpler: Just snap a picture of a document and Scanner with OCR will digitize the text.

OCR Scanner is a very useful application for:

– High school students, college students, Students
– When traveling abroad
– In your everyday life (Recipe, Books, Newspaper, etc.).
– Etc.

OCR Scanner is a combination between Pixels (your pictures) and text (what you will get) by Optical character recognition usually abbreviated to OCR which is the mechanical or electronic conversion of scanned images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded text.

OCR Scanner is the most elegant and easy way extract text from your pictures. It’s a powerful tool that turns your iPhone into a multi-functional mobile scanner with translation capability.

Snap a photo or choose an existing one from your library and the app will instantly extract your text from the picture.

OCR Scanner turns your physical documents into a digital notes that you can edit, translate or share to many apps.

OCR Scanner just works as advertised. It use an advanced image-processing algorithms to eliminate uneven lighting and shadows and improve contrast. The result is the clearest and most readable scans possible from the iPhone’s camera.

What makes OCR Scanner unique:

– Application Interface
It is clean, agile and focused on your productivity.

– OCR Recognition Language
OCR Scanner supports 32 recognition languages:


– Picture Adjustment
You can crop your picture to only select the portion of text that you want to extract

– Editing
You can edit the extracted text to add or remove words.

– Sharing
You can share your text to almost all your favorite apps including:

# Email
# Facebook
# Twitter
# Pages
# Evernote
# Word
# Pdf
# Doc2Go
# Dropbox
# and many more


– OCR Scanner requires network connectivity (WiFi or 3G/EDGE).

All processing happens on your iPhone, and the confidentiality of your data is never compromised. There is also no subscription fee.

Normally $1.99, this app is free right now.

Download Scanner with OCR


What would a list of apps be without at least one photo filter app?

This is an old photo camera, you can select include the old, retro, mottled, wrinkles, scratches, mold lines, leaky, black and white, yellow, film, magic light, 8mm, brightly colored effects, for your photos to create more memories.

• 60 models topic black and white Filters
• 50 models unique Retro Effect
• 40 models Flare Effect
• 35 models Vintage Light Effect
• 30 models Film Leaked

First-time users can follow the designer to do so, first choose to apply your photos to black and white or yellowing photograph looks old filter (Filter) save and reopen the photo, and then the second (or more) apply effects such as scratches and spots (Effect) you can get more levels, more natural realistic old photo effect Oh!
More wonderful visual effect waiting for you to personally try! Download it now!

Be creative and make experiments, take pictures, edit them, add awesome effects, styles and amazing frames, share your emotions and times of your life with your folks and friends.

• We encourage you to try different combinations of filters, so that photos more attractive!
• recommend that you apply the filter after the first save, and then open the saved pictures do multi-level stack, so that the effect better, and properly protect the original photo!

Vintage+ is free for a limited time, on sale from $0.99

Download Vintage+

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Zach Epstein has worked in and around ICT for more than 15 years, first in marketing and business development with two private telcos, then as a writer and editor covering business news, consumer electronics and telecommunications. Zach’s work has been quoted by countless top news publications in the US and around the world. He was also recently named one of the world's top-10 “power mobile influencers” by Forbes, as well as one of Inc. Magazine's top-30 Internet of Things experts.

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