Some of you aren’t even old enough to have ever used anything but a smartphone to make calls in your houses, but the rest of us remember what life was like when we were tethered to our home phones. These clunky plastic bricks were tied to expensive monthly calling plans that didn’t even include calling outside our area codes.

Things aren’t as bad anymore as they once were, but home phone lines can still be very pricey considering how infrequently we use them. But guess what: Thanks to a one-day deal on Amazon, you can enjoy free home calling for the rest of your life for just $90.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Ooma Telo before and maybe you haven’t. Either way, today is the day to buy one. Ooma’s Telo gives you a lifetime of free VoIP phone service for a one-time purchase of $180. Today only, however, that $180 hardware fee is being chopped in half.

Ooma’s calls are great quality (it has a 4.3-star rating on Amazon with 1,600 customer reviews) and if you jump on this deal, you’ll be getting the Telo for the same price as just three months of Vonage service. That’s crazy!

Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service with Wireless and Bluetooth Adapter, $89.99 with free Prime shipping