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AT&T quietly rolls out the Blackberry 8820

We received word that the long rumored Blackberry 8820 has been received in AT&T warehouses across the country. So far they’re trying to keep this pretty little number on the hush-hush. The fear is that that people will wait until this device is released to buy their new BlackBerry units, which leaves them stuck with BlackBerry 8800s. A reliable source hit us up with some intel saying AT&T is releasing it as a quiet update, and will not be shipping any BlackBerry 8820’s to all stores nationally. Instead, they will ship the product on a store by store basis depending on the current BlackBerry 8800 supply. To sum this up: You’re local store most probably isn’t getting any BlackBerry 8820s until their stock of BlackBerry 8800s is depleted. AT&T did this once before with the Nokia 6102i when they decided to add Bluetooth support to the unit. We would tell you they’re holding off on even a press release, but with general consumer interest around this device, we can’t see them doing that. At this time, as far as we know, there are no actual BlackBerry 8820s units in stores, but we expect them very soon. Price point is also slated to remain at the $299 mark with a 2-year contract. Happy WiFi’in, folks.

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