Speculation surrounding a Google-branded Android tablet is ramping up with a new rumor suggesting that the search giant has partnered with ASUS to release a 7-inch tablet, an Android fan site reported on Monday. The slate is expected to retail for $199 and include a quad-core Tegra 3 processor with a stock version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. According to the blog, Google was highly impressed with ASUS’ previously announced $249 MeMo tablet. The Mountain View-based company reached out to ASUS to see if they could reduce the cost of materials — possibly internal storage —  and reach the coveted $199 price point. The final product name is unknown, although the company has been reportedly purchasing domains referring to “Google Play.” The tablet should enter production in April and ship around June, possibly at the company’s annual I/O conference on June 27th if these rumors pan out.


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