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We finally know what Season 5 of ‘Arrested Development’ will be about

Arrested Development Plot Season 5

Following the 2013 Netflix premiere of Arrested Development’s fourth season, we were soon bombarded with rumors hinting at either an Arrested Development movie or, perhaps, a fifth season of the critically acclaimed show. As time marched on, it soon became clear that the show’s creators were more inclined to release yet another season than to try their luck on the big screen. This, of course, bodes well for fans of the show as we can now look forward to hours upon hours of new hilarity as opposed to a frustratingly limited 2-hour film.

As a cult classic, fans of Arrested Development are notoriously quick to look for and jump on even the tiniest crumb of news regarding the future of their beloved series. Well, look no further as we have quite a sizable crumb to share with you today.

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At Comic-Con this past week, actress Jessica Walter, who you might otherwise know as Lucille Bluth, dropped an interesting nugget of information about the show’s fifth-season. While the plot of season 5 was somewhat alluded to in the season 4 finale, this is the first official and substantive word we’ve heard about what direction the show’s producers are looking to take things.

The video below explains all.

Notably, production on season 5 hasn’t yet begun, but series co-creator Brian Grazer said that they’re planning to do 17 more episodes. “Netflix is determined to do more episodes,” Grazer said in an interview this past June, “so we’re going to do more episodes. It’s a lot of juggling of all these stars’ lives.”

As for a potential release window, Grazer said that filming will ideally begin sometime in either January or February of 2016, paving the way for a summer 2016 premiere if things go according to plan.

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