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Apple's upcoming tablet spotted on the Internet?

Updated 4 years ago

According to mobile applications analytics firm Flurry, the Apple tablet is alive and kicking in the halls of Apple’s Cupertino campus. The analytics firm has supposedly detected the presence of an estimated fifty Apple tablets, first detected last October, whose location can be traced back to Cupertino. The tablet, whose usage has spiked in recent weeks, is reportedly testing over 200 different applications, the bulk of which are games, entertainment, news, books, and lifestyle applications. Now, for a reality check, we personally couldnt imagine a possible tablet running anything other than OS 4.0. So whether this is just a new iPhone in testing, sonething else, or even a way to throw people off track, we don’t know. We do have a barrage of potential names, and a handful of potential content partners though, so we’ll just have to wait until Wednesday for Apple to make this device official.