Based on the most recent report from 9to5Mac, the Apple Watch will finally make its debut on store shelves this March, but you don’t have to wait until then to give the interface a trial run. The developers of the iOS news app Pipes created an interactive demo of the Apple Watch which you can toy with right now at

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It’s a brilliant marketing move to attract new users to the Pipes app, but it also gives those of us who have yet to try on Apple’s watch the opportunity to see how we like it. In the demo, each of the apps on the home screen of the watch are clickable, but most just show static images once opened.

Others are more interactive, such as the Music app, preloaded with Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars, and the Pipes app itself, which lets you scroll through some of the latest news. Whenever you want to go back to the home screen, just click the crown on the righthand side of the device.

Links on the side of the page will also let you jump straight to Glances and Push Notifications, two of the watch’s primary features. You can even add a logo to the watch if you want:

Hopefully yours turns out better than ours. Demo the Apple Watch at the source link below.

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