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Gorgeous GIFs show what your favorite apps may look like on the Apple Watch

Updated 4 years ago
Apple Watch Best Apps

One of the things we’re most looking forward to seeing on the Apple Watch is how our favorite apps will work on the device. The Verge draws our attention to some design concepts for Apple Watch apps posted over at Letter Society, which it describes as “a design collaborative and blog that instigates regular creative challenges,” and they look very impressive.

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Here, for example, are a couple of GIFs showing how Uber might work on the device:

Designer Ryan Brownhill, who came up with this particular concept, writes that he “wanted to make sure the Apple Watch version was an extension of the app and not the entire app crammed into your wrist,” which was why he “left the more detailed functions for the iPhone to handle like Splitting Fares, Profiles, etc.”

Here, meanwhile, is a concept for Google Translate on Apple Watch designed by Fran Palmer.

The app concept was designed to work with voice commands and, like the Uber concept, it would be heavily dependent on the iPhone for major functions.

“The application on your phone would house all your recent translations along with any favorites you’ve made,” Palmer explains. “A hard tap on the translation on the watch would signify a favorited item.”

The Verge has plenty more of collected GIFs over at its page. Check them out by clicking the source link below.

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