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Apple TV vs. Xbox One vs. PS4: Can Apple’s hobby take on the established gaming giants?

Apple TV 4 vs. Xbox One vs. PS4

Apple unveiled a brand new Apple TV during the iPhone 6s event, a major refresh in years that’s expected to offer users a new take on entertainment in the living room. The device will stream digital content from a variety of sources, with Siri and universal search support. It will also let users install App Store apps and games. In fact, some people say that the Apple TV will compete directly against gaming consoles for gamers’ attention.

In what follows, we’ll give you a quick glimpse at how the fourth-generation Apple TV compares against the two top consoles out there, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4.

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From the get-go, it’s clear that Apple’s new TV streaming, app-running, puck-like device is no match for the two dedicated consoles in terms of hardware.

The Apple TV has an upgraded processor and 32GB or 64GB of storage. This hardware will let it run the casual games you might find in the App Store, but also the more graphic-intensive titles created for iOS devices – the device runs an iOS-based tvOS complete with App Store content. But it won’t play any of the games you’re anxiously waiting to hit Xbox One or PS4 this year.

That said, the new Apple TV is significantly cheaper than the Xbox One and PS4, which come with better specs and complex controllers that are geared towards hardcore gamers who prefer gaming experiences that are far beyond what mobile devices offer.

Apple TV pricing starts at $149 for the 32GB version, which is still more expensive than previous Apple TV models. Even so, the Apple TV might make more sense for gamers (or parents) who are reluctant on spending more money for a dedicated console that they’re not going to use at full capacity. Not to mention that the App Store is filled with games that can be played by users of all ages, and they’re all quite affordable, if not free.

Comparatively, the Xbox One starts at $349 while the PS4 sells for $399. Add on budge-busting prices of new games, and you may end up spending hundreds of dollars on content each month.

A comparison between the two well-established gaming consoles follows below, with more details about the 2015 Apple TV model available at this link.

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