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Apple still wants to ban Samsung phones that aren’t even for sale anymore

Apple Samsung Products Ban

Following its multi-million dollar win against Samsung, Apple still wants to ban some of the devices found to be infringing on its patents, even though most of these products aren’t available for sale in the U.S. anymore. The company on Thursday filed a renewed motion for a permanent injunction, FOSS Patents reports, seeking a hearing on the matter to be held as early as January 30, 2014.

There are three patents in play for Apple, describing technologies such as tap-to-zoom-and-navigate, rubber-banding and pinch-to-zoom, which Samsung was found to violate with various products. While the Samsung products that have found to be infringing on these patents are no longer commercially available, an injunction against Samsung may still be important for Apple, as it could prevent the Android maker from using any of the technologies described in those patents in future products. The verdict in this matter could also be significant for the more important second Apple vs. Samsung U.S. lawsuit that will start in late March 2014.

“The underlying issue – what the proper standard for a ‘causal nexus’ between a proven infringement and an alleged irreparable harm to the prevailing right holder should be – is and remains extremely important, and Apple made some headway in this regard.” FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller wrote. “This matters, but mostly with a view to a future Apple request for an injunction over whatever patents it may prevail on at the trial in its second California litigation with Samsung (scheduled to begin on March 31, 2014), where some more impactful patents are at issue.”

Apple on Thursday also filed a notice of appeal with the Patent Trial and Appeals Board for the pinch-to-zoom patent, which the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office found to be invalid only a few weeks ago.

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