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Apple rumor roundup: Jobs returning with fanfare at end of June, WWDC to be full of iPhone goodness

Updated 4 years ago

A slew of Apple rumors are rolling off the press at an alarming rate. Most recent is a report from the Wall Street Journal confirming that international man of mystery Steve Jobs will be returning to Apple at the end of June. Jobs will return with a bang at a media event to coincide with a new product launch or a public event. According to the WSJ, WWDC will still be a Schiller-run show with the new iPhone taking center stage. Duh. The new iPhone is expected to be available in early July, around the two year anniversary of the first iPhone (need to snag those early adopters whose contracts are expiring), and will feature a faster processor and video editing capabilities. If that is not enough of a confirmation of a new iPhone for you then turn your eyes to the retail marketplace where the third generation handset is reportedly appearing in inventory lists from Carphone warehouse as the iPhone V3 and at AT&T support as the iPhone Video. Several purported images have also emerged, as seen above. They all jibe but of course none have been verified as authentic at this point. Last but not least, the Financial Times is reporting that Apple plans to launch a low cost version of its iPhone at WWDC, priced at $149 or $99 with a contract in order to attract those Walmart shoppers increase its market share.

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