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Bruce Willis may sue Apple over rights to his iTunes library [updated]

Digital downloads have made purchasing content on the Internet remarkably easy. Each year, millions of people purchase games, music, movies and software through services such as Apple’s (AAPL) iTunes store, Steam and other digital platforms. The majority of people are unaware that most of the content they purchase isn’t actually theirs, however, as non-transferable licenses impose many restrictions on how people can use the content they download. One Hollywood A-lister has had enough with these licenses and is considering legal action against Apple over the rights to his iTunes library, The Daily Mail reported. Bruce Willis was hoping to give his vast digital music collection to his children upon his death, but such an act is illegal according to Apple’s Terms of Service agreement. The actor is reportedly weighing his legal options against the Cupertino-based company and may actively support proposed legislation in five U.S. states that aims to give downloaders more rights to their digital content.

Update: Bruce Willis’s wife denied The Daily Mail’s report on Monday.