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Another reason Apple should (but probably won’t) kill off 16GB iPhones

December 15th, 2014 at 12:05 PM
Apple iPhone 6 16GB Vs. 64GB

One thing that many Apple fans have criticized the company for this year has been releasing 16GB models of both its newest iPhones and iPads even though it’s clear that most users need more storage on those devices. Now Business Insider points us to a new study that offers still more fodder against Apple’s insistence on making 16GB the lowest possible tier for storage space on its iPhones and iPads.

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The new survey, conducted by camera app IceCream, found that roughly 91% of iPhone models that are being used in the United Kingdom have 16GB of storage of less. What’s more, Business Insider notes that many iPhone users are finding that 16GB of space isn’t anywhere near enough to meet their needs because “8% of iPhone users run out of storage every single day” and “22% of survey respondents said they run out of space at least once a month.”

So while these users clearly want to have more storage space on their phones, most of them still aren’t willing to shell out an extra $100 to get a 64GB model. This suggests that Apple’s attempts to get them to pay more for their devices isn’t working as the company intended — most users will buy the cheapest option no matter how much they get annoyed by its limitations.

All this suggests Apple should just throw in the towel and make 32GB the default cheapest option for its devices, but we have a hard time picturing that happening anytime soon.

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