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Apple iPhone 4 plagued by 3G data connectivity issues?

A voluminous thread on Apple’s support forums seems to suggest that a growing number of iPhone 4 users are experiencing problems with 3G connectivity. According to the reports, folks with an iPhone 4 are experiencing slow or even non-existent 3G connectivity in areas where 3G signal is present. The problem is not solely due to AT&T as a side-by-side comparison with an iPhone 3G or 3GS reveals that the iPhone 3G/3GS has a solid 3G connection while the iPhone 4 is on EDGE or is crawling along at less than 30 kbps on a supposed 3G connection. For some folks, the issue is intermittent with periods of good connectivity followed by periods of poor connectivity. If anyone else notices this unusual phenomenon, give us a shout in the comments with your experiences.

Thanks, Matt, Chris, and Rob!

Update: One of our readers sent us in the screenshots above and another alerted us to a YouTube video showing the lackluster and inconsistent data performance with 3G coverage. Hit the jump to check it out.