Emoji on iOS will soon be like The Humpty Dance — everyone will enjoy them, including black people, white people, Puerto Ricans, Samoans and everyone else. One interesting aspect of the latest iOS 8.3 beta that was covered by 9to5Mac this week has been added support for changing the skin tone of your emoji so you aren’t just using the same yellow-toned smiley faces as everyone else.

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As you can see in this screen capture, the Santa emoji will soon give you the option to give his skin different hues from extremely light to extremely dark skin. And if you still want to keep him as a classic yellow emojji smiley face, you can do that as well.

It seems that Apple is trying to make its emoji more inclusive so that everyone can make a smiley face that’s unique to them. You may have to wait a bit to get these new options, however, since iOS 8.3 likely won’t be released for at least another couple of months. In fact, we’re still waiting on iOS 8.2, which is due to hit in March.

Check out more screenshots of Apple’s new emoji by clicking on 9to5Mac’s full report here.

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