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Video shows why Apple has only scratched the surface of 3D Touch’s potential

Apple 3D Touch Concept Video

3D Touch is undoubtedly the most intriguing feature added to the iPhone 6s since it opens up a whole new realm of interaction with the device. While its uses are fairly limited so far, it doesn’t take too much imagination to see how 3D Touch could be used to vastly improve the iPhone’s overall functionality. A new video from the team at ConceptsiPhone gives us a good idea of just what we can expect from the future of 3D Touch, as it imagines how the new feature could be used to enhance the iPhone’s Control Center.

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To get an example this in action, check out what ConceptsiPhone did with the Bluetooth button in the Control Center. Instead of using the button to simply toggle Bluetooth connectivity off and on, you can now 3D Touch the button and it will bring up a list of every device that’s connected to your phone via Bluetooth:

And this is just one idea — the video goes on to show how 3D Touch can also be used to add more functionality to the Wi-Fi button and other parts of the Control Center. Check it out below.

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