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New Gmail Android update will at last provide pinch-to-zoom capabilities [video]

Android Gmail 4.2

Emails on Android smartphones are about to get easier to read. Android Police this week got its hands on an unreleased update to Google’s (GOOG) Gmail Android app that adds much-desired pinch-to-zoom and swipe-to-delete capabilities. The pinch-to-zoom functionality speaks for itself: It lets users zoom in on their emails with a simple pinch gesture. The swipe-to-delete feature, meanwhile, gives users the option of deleting or archiving their emails with a simple swipe gesture, although Android Police notes that this feature can be turned off for users who worried about accidentally deleting their entire inbox. And finally, the new Gmail update lets users mark emails as phishing attempts as well as marking them as simply spam. A video demonstration of the new features is posted below.


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