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Supposed Bitcoin founder denies any knowledge of Bitcoin

Published Mar 7th, 2014 8:00AM EST
Alleged Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto

Did Newsweek pick the wrong guy for its big Bitcoin exposé? In an interview with The Associated Press, 64-year-old Temple City, Calif. resident Satoshi Nakamoto has denied that he ever heard of Bitcoin until his son mentioned it three weeks ago after getting a call from Newsweek. Nakamoto admitted that Newsweek got several details of his background right in its massive profile of him, including his education, his work history and his hobbies. However, Nakamoto is insistent that Newsweek got the biggest detail about his life wrong: That he had anything to do with the creation of Bitcoin.

Nakamoto explained that when he said that he was “no longer involved” when asked about Bitcoin, he really meant to say that he was no longer involved in doing any engineering work whatsoever and wasn’t specifically referring to Bitcoin.

“I’m saying I’m no longer in engineering… that’s it,” he told the AP. “And even if I was, when we get hired, you have to sign this document, contract saying you will not reveal anything we divulge during and after employment. So that’s what I implied. It sounded like I was involved before with Bitcoin and looked like I’m not involved now. That’s not what I meant. I want to clarify that.”

So is Nakamoto really the inventor of Bitcoin? It’s impossible to know for sure but we can see that he clearly doesn’t want to be associated with the cryptocurrency anymore and would prefer to be left alone.

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