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Adobe hits back at Apple with a sappy ad campaign

Today, in a bizarre — but not entirely unexpected — move, Adobe launched an advertising campaign designed to garner support for its ongoing battle against Apple and their anti-Flash crusade. Flash-based banners are starting to appear all over the web going on about Adobe’s love (“<3” actually) of: Web, Flash, HTML5, Authoring Code Only Once, All Devices and Platforms, Our 3 Million Developers, and Freedom of Choice. Adobe founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock even found the time to pose for a very creepy picture and co-author an op-ed piece entitled “Our thoughts on open markets.” The piece more or less goes over all of the pro-Flash arguments we’ve heard countless times throughout this ordeal, and proves that they’re much warmer and fuzzier men than Apple’s — more specifically Steve Jobs — by repeatedly using words like: believe, freedom, create, innovation, and express. It’s all very touching, and is sure to get a lot of people fired up, but peace, love, and harmony? Very quaint Adobe…however, when you’re dealing with Apple you best put on your boxing gloves.