For Australians, that is. This bittersweet news comes out of the land down under, where lucky Telstra customers appear poised to become the first GSM subscribers with access to a 3G-equipped BlackBerry device. Chris Ting, a RIM technical account manager, revealed that the company is readying a 3G capable device for use on the country’s Telstra network. The device may also include GPS and Wi-Fi, but given the early stage of the development process, the specs have yet to be nailed down. It’s also unclear exactly which form factor this new “super-Berry” will take on. 83xx, 88xx, or could this be the early stages of the 9xxx series? Please don’t tempt us any further. What is clear, however is that the new Berry will likely operate on Telstra’s HSDPA network, giving users 3.6 mbps download speeds, and a sound reason to feel a sense of entitlement and superiority over the rest of the world.


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