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3D Roadmapping with Navi2Go


Google Maps are great, they let you find locations from New York to Navy Pier in Chicago and zoom in to see what bumps in the road you need to watch out for. But now, Navi2Go takes that two steps further. You can “drive” the entire road through a simulation not only on your computer, but more importantly on your Windows Mobile phone. We think that it is pretty cool, but not sure about the overall functionality, before seeing a more finished product than the current alpha version. It’s out for residents of the U.K. right now, but we have to wait to Q2 of next year to see it across the pond. 2008 will also be the year where it comes out in a Symbian version, too. We guess we have to wait a little before we can decide if it’s more than a clever novelty, and actually useful in the day to day life. Hurry up Navi2Go, we don’t like waiting.

[Via Übergizmo]

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