When’s the last time you had to plug-in an Ethernet cable into your computer to connect to the Internet? Many people will likely struggle to answer that question, considering that most home computing is currently done on devices that are mobile and that connect wirelessly to networks.

But Wi-Fi networks aren’t always reliable, and can be very annoying at times, as can be seen in an amazing new illustration.

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YouTuber CNLohr used various means at his disposal to measure the Wi-Fi signal strength in his home, Engadget reveals, coming up with 2D and 3D maps that prove signal strength isn’t consistent throughout a house. The resulting video explains why Wi-Fi performance can be tricky at times, and that it’s not always the fault of the device you’re using.

The following video also shows how it’s possible to 3D map a home’s Wi-Fi network, and it offers instructions on how to do it yourself — also check this handy link — though you should know there’s plenty of work involved, and this project isn’t necessarily user-friendly, at least considering some of the parts required to pull everything off.

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