We’re less than two weeks away from the premiere of The Walking Dead. Season 7 returns with the continuation of the dreadful scene that closed out season 6, when AMC decided to leave us with a terrible cliffhanger. Negan, the brand new bad guy on Walking Dead, will kill one of our favorite characters and we have no idea who that person is. Of course, there are some pretty good theories out there as far as who his victim might be.

While we wait, we have some news: Jeffery Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on the show, debunked a recent spoiler about episode 701 that originated from one of his previous interviews.

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Morgan said he was misinterpreted when he spoke to a Den of Geek reporter recently.

“That’s not what I said,” Morgan told Variety Latino. “I did an interview with this guy, and I was talking about Negan’s arc and what he does in the course of being Negan on The Walking Dead. Instead of talking about the one person Negan kills—because Negan kills a lot more than one person on the lineup. And somehow he pieced that all together in such a way that it turned into the article that he wrote. It was to get people fired up. Negan does kill a lot of people in the next couple of years. Before we even meet him, he’s killed a lot of people. Negan’s been around for a long time.”

How about the theory that says Negan killed Maggie, and that it’s Maggie’s blood that’s on Rick’s face in the brand new Walking Dead video?

“I mean, he’s got a bloody face,” Morgan said. “It could be splatter. I could’ve slapped him. I could’ve spit on him. All I’m going to say to tune-in on the 24th, and you’ll get all those answers. So keep coming up with the theories, I love them. Everyone on the show loves the theories. You only have like ten more days or something. It’s almost upon us.”

Apparently, Morgan had a big smile on his face that lasted through that entire quote. However, despite the fact that Negan is a bad guy, it looks like he’s going to grow on fans pretty quickly.

“I think the first episode is a lot to handle,” he said. “I think it’s a lot for the viewers to handle. But you got to understand Negan’s around for the long haul. I think everyone is going to hate him after 701, the first episode of season seven. Then as you get to know him, what I’m hoping is that you learn to love to hate him. You’ll get to see some different sides to him that I think are pretty interesting. Know that I love working with this cast. It’s an amazing group of people, and we’re all having a lot of fun with everything that’s going on right now. But it’s going to be very hard for you guys.”

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