Each and every month, we’re always sure to tell you about all the new content coming to Netflix. There are always so many new shows and movies that are added to the Netflix content catalog each and every month that you’ll undoubtedly miss some of it without a guide. Seriously, just look at all the movies, shows, specials, and Netflix originals that are debuting over the course of the month in February alone! People love the release schedules that we publish each month, but we also started running a different type of Netflix roundup a couple of months ago that people have really responded to.

Because there’s so much new content added to Netflix all the time, it’s far too easy to let shows and movies slip through the cracks that you might have really enjoyed. With that in mind, we’ve started rounding up 10 shows and movies each month that you might have missed. Some are brand new, some are years old, some are Netflix originals, and some are from other studios. The one common thread is that all these movies and shows are surprisingly great, so you should definitely add them to your queue if you happened to miss them the first time around. And once you’re done with this month’s roundup, be sure to check out our posts from the past few months for even more great movies and shows to consider.


Ozark has gotten tons of buzz, but we still run across people all the time who haven’t watched it. With season 3 set to premiere next month on March 27th, now is the time to binge-watch seasons 1 and 2 so you’re ready. The series stars Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde, a financial planner who gets mixed up with all the wrong people after relocating his family from Chicago to a small community in the Ozarks. If you think Bateman only shines in comedies, prepare to be blown away by his performance in this dark and suspenseful drama.

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Locke & Key

I have to be perfectly honest… when I first watched the trailer above for Netflix’s new fantasy show Locke & Key, it really didn’t appeal to me at all. It sort of screams “Young Adult,” and YA content generally isn’t my cup of tea. I decided to give it a shot after a few friends said it was surprisingly good, and you know what? It really is surprisingly good. Locke & Key is about three siblings who move with their mother into an old family home in a small Massachusetts town after their father is tragically murdered. They soon discover that the new house is filled with magic keys that bend reality in all sorts of different ways — but there’s a villain who wants the keys and will stop at nothing to get them.

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Ragnarok is another show you might think about skipping after you watch the trailer. If you’re willing to give it a chance, however, it might just pull you in. It’s a modern reimagining of the story of Thor, set in a small Norweigan town. It also has YA vibes at times, but it’s well-made and very entertaining.

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If you’re a fan of the horror genre, stop whatever you’re doing right now and add Ares to your list on Netflix. The only thing I’ll tell you about this creepy show is it’s so terrifying that people are actually afraid to finish it.

Watch Ares

The Invention Of Lying

Ricky Gervais is insanely famous, and yet a bunch of his work somehow manages to still fly under the radar. The Invention Of Lying, which is now a decade old, seems to have gone unnoticed by many people out there. It’s about a world where everyone always tells the truth no matter how harsh, until one man discovers that he can lie.

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Schitt’s Creek

Honestly, I had absolutely no idea that there was even a channel called “Pop” until a few years ago when someone put Schitt’s Creek on my radar. The show is currently in its final season, so it’s the perfect time to jump in and start binge-watching it if you’ve never heard of it before. Created by Eugene Levy and his son Daniel Levy, the show follows a hilarious family that loses its massive fortune along with all of their possessions except for one, a small town called Schitt’s Creek that video store magnate Johnny Rose bought for his son as a gag gift one year for his birthday. With no money left to their name, the family moves to Schitt’s Creek and is forced to adjust to small-town life.

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October Faction

October Faction is another new fantasy show that just arrived on Netflix. Based on the comic books of the same name, it’s about a pair of monster hunters named Fred and Deloris Allen who do battle with all sorts of evil… perhaps none of which is as frightening as the drama with their twin teenage children.

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Mike Birbiglia: The New One

Mike Birbiglia’s stand-up specials have such a unique style and tone to them. Sure they’re hilarious, but they also tackle tough topics and get almost unsettlingly serious at times. If you ask me, The New One is far and away his best special yet. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s emotional, it’s devastating, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Watch Mike Birbiglia: The New One

Narcos Mexico

The original Narcos series on Netflix got a ton of attention, but the hype really died down when it was reimagined as Narcos Mexico. But don’t sleep on this savage show, which explores Mexican drug cartels and the lives of the agents tasked with thwarting them. Season 2 just hit Netflix, so it’s the perfect opportunity to binge-watch both seasons and see what you’re missing.

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The Stranger

This British mystery series is based on the Harlan Coben novel of the same name. It stars Richard Armitage as Adam Price, a family man whose life is turned upside down when a stranger makes a shocking claim about his wife.

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